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Microcredential Assessor Training

Microcredential Assessor Training

Microcredential Assessor Training
  • Estimated Completion Time30 mins
  • BadgeDigital Badge Recognition
  • Course Location100% online
  • IndustryBy industry, for industry
  • EndorsementConsumer endorsed

Designed for:

This microcredential has been designed for Health Service Organisation (HSO) employees that are not currently trained in peer assessment.

Course outline:

In this microcredential, you will consider and apply:

  • Some fundamental principles of assessment
  • Observational rubrics as a tool to help assess skill development
  • A feedback model to help your colleagues improve their professional practice


Learning outcomes:

This will enable you to develop and apply the fundamental skills to assess your peers in the Future Health Skills (FHS) system and demonstrate your ability to:

  • Apply basic principles of assessment to peer observation in work-relevant scenarios.

Learning experience:

This microcredential consists of three (3) modules.

To successfully complete this microcredential, you will:

  1. Read about principles of assessment, observational rubrics and the steps of Pendleton’s feedback model (10 min)
  2. Apply these principles to assess and provide feedback on short video scenario (8 min)
  3. Assess and provide feedback to a colleague as they perform a simple workplace task (12 min)

You will need to submit your peer review and reflection in order to complete this microcredential.