FHS microcredentials are designed to help you learn.
Our philosophy is people learn best by doing.

You may be asked to view and respond to a scenario online, find and interpret a resource on the internet, apply a skill in your daily job or explain a concept to a colleague or your manager. These tasks will vary for each microcredential, and will need to be completed to successfully will earn your digital badge

Suitable for a Broad Range of Healthcare Sectors, such as

  • Non-clinical and clinical roles
  • General practice
  • Aged care
  • Disability
  • Allied health
  • Community services
  • Youth work.

What are Microcredentials

  • Non-accredited training 
  • Short ‘bite-size’ training (FHS are between 30 minutes and 6 hours in duration)
  • Flexible delivery (usually delivered online, from any device).

What is a Digital Badge

  • A digital image which embeds training information including duration, who issued and endorsed it, and expiry date.
  • Equivalent to a modern-day certificate of completion
  • Is personalised to the learner who can collect, keep, display and share badges using a ‘Backpack’. We recommend using Badgr Backpack – Download “How To” instructions here.

You own your digital badges and, at your discretion, may choose to:

  • Display them on social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • Add them to your resume
  • Share them with your current or future employer.

Check out Lisa and Luke to explain more: