1. Super Badges:
  2. Core Skills Ready
  3. Ready for Quality


  • Estimated Completion Time30 mins
  • BadgeDigital Badge Recognition
  • Course Location100% online
  • IndustryBy industry, for industry
  • EndorsementConsumer endorsed

Designed for:

Learners working within the healthcare sector with a focus on non-clinical staff.

Course outline:

  • Consider the NSQHS Standards and their role in healthcare
  • Describe how the NSQHS Standards apply to a common patient scenario
  • Relate the work you do to the NSQHS Standards in conversation with a colleague.

Learning outcomes:

Successfully completing this course will demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Describe how your work role impacts on the patient experience.
  2. Relate your own work practice to the relevant NSQHS Standards.

Learning experience:

In this course you will

  • Review the NSQHS Standard
  • Explain how these apply to a common Patient Journey
  • Relate these to your own role in discussion with a colleague