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  3. Ready to Serve
Advocating for Patient Safety

Advocating for Patient Safety

Advocating for Patient Safety
  • Estimated Completion Time30 minutes
  • BadgeDigital Badge Recognition
  • Course Location100% online
  • IndustryBy industry, for industry
  • EndorsementConsumer endorsed

Designed for:

Learners working in the healthcare sector

Course outline:

  • Consider the actions of a healthcare hero and the challenges of advocating for patient safety in complex environments.
  • Identify the who, what and why of advocating for patient safety.
  • Learn and apply the ISBAR framework to help you advocate for patient safety in your work role.

Learning outcomes:

This course will enable you to apply strategies to advocate for patients with a range of stakeholders and overcome roadblocks when issues of safety arise. Successfully completing this course will earn you the Patient Safety Advocate digital badge.

Learning experience:

1. Identify the range of customers in a healthcare setting

2. Apply basic customer service principles to simulated healthcare scenarios

3. Relate principles of customer service to the relevant NSQHS standard.